3 Ways Automation can Help Your Coaching Business

You’ve created the perfect course. Each video is perfect, every PDF is beautiful. The launch day comes and you find yourself running around trying to send ‘thank you’ and ‘welcome’ emails to each one of the 100 people that signed up for your course.

You copy and paste the same email every time, changing the subjects of the emails, trying to make sure you don’t address Lucy as Jane! Stressful, eh?

There’s a better way; a system that can make it easier for you to run your business and launch courses. It’s a secret I’ve even used to help some of my clients triple their revenue.

The secret is automation.

Automation is a way you can strategically use technology to take control of time-consuming, usually repetitive tasks. When people talk about automation, they’re usually thinking about how it can be applied to email marketing. But the truth is many digital marketing tasks can be automated

With automation, you can easily put tasks like ad campaigns, social media posting, and email marketing on autopilot. This way, when people buy your course or sign up for your newsletter, the right information reaches them at the right time, and they are able to move further along your funnel without much involvement from you.

How Automation Works

With automation, you can set up workflows that have a set of conditions. These conditions act as triggers that send messages based on actions that you pre-determine. You can target your customers with automated messages across multiple channels including email, text and social.

For instance, instead of waking up to send ‘welcome’ emails to new subscribers or ‘thank you’ emails to those who just bought your course, you can set up automations to send messages to your audience as soon as they make a payment or sign-up to your newsletter. Automation allows you to set up workflows and automate time-bound emails in your campaigns.

Automation Saves You Time

Automation can save you a lot of time and make things a lot easier for you. When you’re selling a product or service, automation makes the whole process of purchasing easier. It makes it easier for you to communicate with your customers and send them the information they need when they need it.

When you set up your funnel, think of automation as a slippery slide that makes it easier for leads to move from where they are to where you want them to go, which is to take any action you want.  Automation makes it super easy for users to do what you want, whether that be buying a course or signing up for your newsletter.

­When your customers make a payment, you don’t need to manually send them a welcome or thank you message. The trigger you’ve set up sends them a welcome email as soon as they make a payment. When they pay for your course, you don’t need to send a message containing login info. The workflows you’ve created provide the information they need to help them take the next step. This hands-off approach helps you become more productive.

Automation Frees You Up to Complete Executive Tasks Within Your Business

The thing with day to day tasks (operations) is they are a necessary evil. You don’t like to do them, yet you absolutely must do them to keep your business running. When you create workflows and have triggers in place, you dramatically free up your time so that you can do other things that only you can do. You can focus on nurturing relationships with your existing clients and creating new content. You can even use the time to create  marketing strategies  to get new clients

There are some aspects of your business only you can handle. Automation lets you pay more attention to those areas.

Automation Helps You Conserve Resources

One significant advantage of automation is that it helps you conserve your resources. Instead of creating new campaigns from scratch, you can leverage the power of automation to replicate the same processes, templates, branding you’ve used for previous campaigns.  This saves you money and time from having to create new initiatives from scratch.

I created a campaign for one of my clients last year that helped her make a $100k month. This year, we’re going to re-launch the course and because nothing has changed, we’ll be using the same workflows. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

With automation, you can create workflows and use them year in, year out as long as you don’t make any big changes. Even if you wanted to make changes, you can very easily edit templates and workflows you’ve used in the past.

The Only Automation Software I Recommend

The automation tool I love and use all the time is OntraPort. Some of my contemporaries (other OBMs) are hesitant to use only one platform to handle all of their marketing automation. Not me.

The beautiful thing about OntraPort is that it has everything in one package. You’d normally have to use Zapier to connect all the software you use. If you created landing pages using Leadpages and wanted to connect the landing page to a payment processor (PayPal) and then connect the whole thing to Teachable, you’d have to use Zapier or some other integration tool.

That isn’t the case with OntraPort. Ontraport has all the tools you need. You can create your landing pages with their landing page creation tool, you can easily integrate your landing pages with your payment processors and even house your courses in it. Ontraport takes away the stress of having to connect different technologies together as it has everything you need, really.

You will avoid a lot of stress for you and customers when you use automation. Your customers will never again feel dumbfounded when they pay $1,ooo for your course and not know what to do next.

Ultimately, you’ll be free to guide your business in the direction you want without worrying too much about small tasks.

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