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Content and content strategy for small businesses and SaaS companies that drives growth and increases brand awareness and loyalty

Hi, I'm David

I’m a freelance B2B writer and I love pink cows.

I have helped SaaS companies and small business owners create engaging informative content for their audience

I have written hundreds of blog posts and I understand what works and what doesn’t.

I love pink cows.

Exceptional pieces of content that educate while still being enjoyable to read.

Who doesn’t love pink cows?

Here’s how I can help you

B2B writing can become real messy real quick.

You cannot use the wrong tone.

You MUST walk the fine line between boring and authoritative.

And so if you need B2B content that doesn’t put your readers to sleep,

But rather keeps them engaged from start to finish,

And convinces the world of your awesomeness,

While increasing brand loyalty

I can help! I can make content production hassle-free for YOU!

You won’t have to ever worry about writing that feels like being covered in a thousand hissing cockroaches. Just like you, I have a strong dislike for average.

I will bring passion to my work. You can be sure of that.

And if you’re busy saving the world

I can handle everything from coming up with blog post topics to sending you publish-ready posts.

If you don’t have time to post.I can post for you as I’m WordPress savvy.

Hands-free content marketing.

This is what you need.

You need content that is informative. You need content that is engaging.

Above all, you need a passionate writer.

Someone who is obsessed with your readers. Someone who doesn’t just care about hitting wordcount targets

But cares about giving value to the reader.

That’s me. 

You need me

Here's what clients say about my work

David consistently provided excellent content that was engaging, informative, and easy to read. He was able to tackle any subject I gave him and gave me long form, SEO optimized articles. I highly recommend his work.
Courtney Ahroon
Project Manager at Innovation Exchange
I enjoyed working with David. He came up with the best copy for my website and he was really communicative. He updated me with everything that was going on throughout the whole project and he listened to what I really need to get done. I highly recommend him.
Lovelyn Abbott
Owner at Lovely Abbott VA services
I find David to be an excellent writer and communicator which is so tough to find these days. In fact, I appreciate that he keeps me quite updated as to what stage he's in always. I never have to track him down or guess what he's doing and he gets back to me right away with great questions when he needs clarity. He's very personable and really wants to make sure I am getting my needs met and I find that very refreshing.. We are in the midst of a project now that he has been so instrumental in taking the lead on. Where I was unsure of how to proceed, David did the research and delivered better than expected results. I am so thankful to have him as part of this team
Yoluanda Brown
CEO and OBM at Magnolia and Ivey consulting
David works very hard to get things right. He diligently asks questions until he has a clear picture of the project and client needs. He will be successful in whatever he puts his mind to
Diana Rangaves
PharmD, CEO at Rosy Posy
David wrote a blog for me. He delivered quality work. The material was written in my tone of voice and was optimized for SEO. I was impressed with the attention to detail in his writing. I will use his services again.
Bonnie Anderson
CEO at Bonnie Anderson consulting

Like what you see?

If you’ve come this far and you..

  • Know that you need content to grow your business to where you want it
  • Think that I can help you do that


Just schedule a call so we can talk about things.

I look forward to hearing from you!